Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pretty + Useful: Modern High Chairs

top left to right:

I love the clean lines of these modern high chairs. There is nothing better than baby gear that is both beautiful and functional. My top contenders were either the super cheap Antilop from Ikea, or the more pricey Boon Flair. We ended up going with the Evenflo Modern Wembley as a compromise. I really like it. It's got just enough features, but not overkill. It's simple and easy to clean. It looks good in our dining room. And of course Miss A enjoys eating her meals in it. What more could you want?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tiny Designer: Gucci

Tank and Skinny Jeans: Old Navy
Tank and Skinny Jeans: Old Navy
Dress: Gap
Tank and Cords: Gap
Tank and Skinny Jeans: Old Navy

Gucci actually does have a children's line. It's not really my style though, and the price range is upwards of $160 for a onesie. Unless Miss A gets a job, that's not going to be in her wardrobe budget. 

I thought it would be more fun to take inspiration from the cool colorblocking found on Gucci's spring and summer runway. The Old Navy tanks are only $5! Much more budget friendly for a growing girl. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tiny Designer: kate spade

Kate Spade is a designer that I think could do really well with a children's line. Her diaper bags are already incredibly popular with moms. The fun prints and colors would be perfect for stylish little ones. In the meantime, here are some small dresses that capture the look.

[Top] Big: Bow Tie Cora Dress  
       Little: Carter's Bow Print Dress

[Left] Big: Terri Dress 
        Little: J. Crew Girls' Gracen Dress

[Right] Big: Joanie Dress 
          Little: J.Crew Girls' Dot Dress

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Newborn Sleep Essentials

DanielJames / / CC BY-NC-SA

A couple of things I've learned from having a newborn:

1. Coffee is a great gift for new parents.
2. It is possible to fall asleep sitting up.

Baby girl is sleeping through the night now, but those first few months were pretty dicey. I honestly didn't mind it too much in the early days. You just get used to it, and there are few things sweeter in life than a sleepy baby smile. That being said, everyone in the house is happier when they are rested. Including our poor dog! She definitely enjoys her beauty sleep.

Most tiny babies need some help falling and staying asleep. Here are some things that worked for us:

The Fisher Price Rock N Play is a genius invention. It's very snug and cozy, which makes baby feel like she's back in the womb. It is slightly inclined, which is great for babies with reflux and congestion. We kept it by the bed for the first few weeks. It's easy to reach out in the middle of the night to rock baby if she's stirring. It's also really portable, and a nice spot for baby to hang out in during the day.

You should keep in mind that Fisher Price recently issued a recall of this product, stating that mold can grow if it's not properly cleaned. To me, this is kind of a no brainer. You should wash it frequently and make sure it's not wet. Duh, right?

Speaking of snug, most newborns like to be swaddled. They're used to the cramped quarters of the womb, so being wrapped up like a baby burrito is comforting. Newborns also have a crazy startle reflex, so this keeps them from waking themselves up when they get all jumpy.

Our favorite blankets for swaddling are Aden + Anais. They're the perfect size. They're made from muslin, which is breathable and soft. Once Miss A outgrew the swaddle, we started using Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit. My dear friend gave me this, and it truly is magical! It keeps baby snug, and also inhibits the startle reflex. We love it.

Another lifesaver has been white noise. This helps baby fall asleep, and also muffles the sounds of daily life during nap time. You can buy a white noise machine, or download a free app. We've consistently used the white noise every time she sleeps. Now when she hears it, she knows it's bedtime.

Of course, all babies are different. What works for one may not work for another. These were our top three newborn sleep essentials. What are yours?